A NEW compilation book sharing light among the darkness of Covid and celebrating World Humanitarian Day will launch Today: Friday 27 August 2021.

Radiante is the brain-child of Gold Coast mother-of-three Leanne Clune. It features 22 heartfelt stories by authors from the Gold Coast, Brisbane, NSW, SA, WA and the US.
With the foreword done by highly acclaimed star of The Secret documentary John Assaraf, Mrs Clune said the book aimed to give people hope and inspire them to keep moving forward, even in the darkest times.
“Many people and businesses are experiencing such darkness on the planet at the moment and going through extremely challenging times,” Mrs Clune said.
“May the stories in this book remind business owners ‘this too shall pass’ and there are many others that have gone through extreme challenges in their businesses and come through the other side.”
“It is an important time to stay high frequency and these authors are all about ‘lighting the light in others’.”
Mrs Clune started a professional finance and mortgage broking business 16 years ago and three years ago, realised that she needed to reach more people.
“My higher impact work was to increase the income of the visionary, changemaker entrepreneurs in this world,” she said.
“With more income, they can invest more in themselves and their businesses which in turn lifts those around them. This ripple effect flows outwards and impacts businesses, families and the community at large.”
“Strategically writing a chapter in a highly leveraged multi-author book is a very powerful marketing tool for a business. Writing both intuitively and strategically increases the know, like and trust factor from the readers.”
In 2020, Mrs Clune wrote a chapter in a multi-author book called Wild Women Rising with 28 authors mainly from the central NSW coast.
“My business tripled and I saw the benefits of writing in a strategically leveraged multi-author book project,” she said.
So she decided to add a publishing arm to her existing finance business to assist entrepreneurs to increase their income, impact and leave a legacy.
“Having that visibility and people reading about my vulnerable story helped grow my business.”
“I never talked about my struggles, challenges and how I overcame them before but it makes people see us in a different light. People need to like, know and trust you before they want to do business with you.”
“It’s important now, more than ever, that people share their unique stories to boost their business and lift the energy on the planet by sparking hope, passion and inspiration for a positive future.”


The authors in Radiante are Aldwyn Altuney, Anandi Sano, Sashua Benay, Jacine Greenwood, Leigh Moana, Deb Norman, Denna Szwajkowski, Sarah Lines, Michelle Lee, Adrianne Skye, Tracey Wiltshire, Marlie Jolanda, Kuve Jansky Bradley, Suzanne McTier-Browne, Evelyne Wilton, Stacey Marie, Krystle Lavorgna, Angela Giampolo, Angelique Pellegrino, Laura-Doe Harris, Kristina Furia and Leanne Clune has written a chapter.

Radiante will be launched on Amazon on August 27, 2021. It is the first of a series with the next book due out in December 2021. For each launch book sold at 99 cents USD, one day of financial and business training will be provided for women in Uganda, managed through B1G1.

For more details, visit: https://www.radiantebooks.com

Aldwyn Altuney, AAXPOSÉ MEDIA | ph: +61 409 895 055